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    Affiliate Program

    Become A Brand Ambassador! 

    Ready to become a part of something exciting? Our Brand Ambassador Program offers you a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with us while reaping the benefits. By enrolling through our dedicated ambassador portal, you'll gain exclusive access to your very own custom affiliate link.
    Plus, you can earn substantial 💲💲💲 as you create amazing content!
    🌟 Get Started:
    How It Works: Are you 18 years or older? Great! Here's how our program works: We equip you with a personalized affiliate link, empowering you to champion our brand. For every purchase made using your personalized affiliate link, you'll enjoy a rewarding commission.

    Spread the Word: Let the world know you're a part of our team! Add "@justcoolthing" or another tag that identifies you as a member of our crew, along with your unique personalized affiliate link, to your social media profiles.

    Diverse Promotion Avenues: You're not limited in how you promote – in fact, the possibilities are endless. Whether it's sharing your affiliate link with friends, crafting captivating content on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter, you have the freedom to explore various promotional strategies.
    Requirements: We're looking for ambassadors who have an engaged and active audience. Visual content is highly effective, so photos and videos are encouraged. Remember, your account needs to be public. Don't forget to prominently feature your personalized affiliate link in your promoting post/website.

      Earn and Enjoy: Here's the exciting part – you'll earn a generous 10% CASH BACK for every sale generated through your affiliate link. Alternatively, you can convert your commission points into free merchandise, giving you the flexibility to choose your rewards.

      Don't miss out on this opportunity to collaborate, create, and earn. Join our Brand Ambassador Program today and be a part of the buzz!👇

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