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    How to Use a Rose Sex Toy

    Using a Rose vibrator can be an exhilarating experience, thanks to its growing popularity on social media platforms like TikTok. However, it's crucial to understand that not everyone may find it equally easy to use or preferable to other forms of clitoral stimulation. Your experience with the Rose Toy Vibrator largely depends on your individual preferences. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the proper steps to make the most of this unique Rose Clitoral Sex Toy.


    Step 1: Prepare with Lubricant

    The first and foremost step in using a Rose Sex Toy is to ensure you have adequate lubrication. Ignoring this step can lead to discomfort and irritation. The puffing air sensation can be intense, and natural lubrication tends to dry up faster than synthetic alternatives. Choose a water-based lubricant that is free of glycerin and propylene glycol for the best results. 

    Step 2: Apply Lubricant to the Rose Toy

    Once you have chosen the appropriate lubricant, apply it generously to the Rose vibrator. Pay special attention to spreading the lubricant around the inner "mouth" rim of the device.

    Step 3: Power On the Rose Vibrator

    Press and hold down the power button on the Rose Toy for approximately 3 seconds to turn it on. Start with function #1, which offers the lowest steady intensity setting.

    Step 4: Position the Rose Toy Vibrator

    Carefully situate the Rose Toy over your clitoris. You may need to gently spread your outer labia to access your clitoris more easily.

    Step 5: Adjust to Your Comfort Level

    The Rose vibrator is designed to work effectively, whether your clitoral hood covers your clitoral glans or not. You can experiment with the intensity by adjusting the Rose's position and angle. Some users prefer a little extra pressure by slightly pulling the mouth back, while others may find pleasure by pressing the base harder against their vulva.

    Step 6: Experiment with Angles

    If the mouth of the Rose vibrator doesn't feel snug around your clit, try angling the base slightly upward or downward. You can also explore stimulation above or below the clitoral head for varying sensations.

    Step 7: Increase or Decrease Intensity

    To control the intensity, gently press the power button to adjust the settings. You can cycle through functions #4 to #7, which offer rhythmic patterns for added pleasure.

    Step 8: Enhance Stimulation

    If you typically achieve orgasm through rubbing or grinding, you can slightly rock the Rose Toy to make its mouth move and provide the stimulation you desire.

    Step 9: Manage Overstimulation

    If you feel that the stimulation is becoming too intense, consider pulling the Rose vibrator a quarter inch away from your clitoris when you're on the verge of orgasm to avoid overstimulation.


    The Rose vibrator is a potent and highly focused clitoral stimulator that delivers precise sensations. Some individuals find its targeted stimulation to be exceptionally satisfying, while others who prefer broader clitoral stimulation may have a different experience.

    Are you ready to pleasure yourself with The Rose Toy?


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