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    TODAY'S DISCUSSION: Sensuality!

    TODAY'S DISCUSSION: Sensuality!

    The concept of embracing sensuality can be perplexing, daunting, or even discouraged, especially for individuals raised in religious communities where exploring sensuality and sexuality was not encouraged.

    However, sensuality is not as complex as it may appear; it often emerges from a sense of embodiment. You might recognize this feeling when wearing an outfit that truly reflects your essence, indulging in a leisurely skincare routine just because it feels delightful, or savoring the first bite of your favorite meal that seems to nourish your soul – these seemingly mundane experiences can be profoundly sensual!

    We might have grown up hearing the term 'guilty pleasures,' which could be a reason why embracing our sensuality feels unfamiliar. But here's a secret: pleasure should not be associated with guilt; in fact, those words contradict each other!

    Remember, sensuality extends beyond sexual encounters and is entirely individualit's about discovering what makes you feel fully present in your own body.

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